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About Lauren Bokor
Specializing in Divorce Mediation and Collaborative Law
Lauren Bokor, Esq. is a practicing Divorce Mediator, Collaborative Lawyer, and attorney, with convenient offices located in New York and Westchester County. Lauren graduated from SUNY Buffalo in 1984 with a degree in Business Administration, and she graduated from Cardozo School of Law in 1988 with a J.D. in law. She is also a visiting professor of "Divorce Mediation Workshop" at Brooklyn Law School.

Prior to becoming a Divorce Mediator and Collaborative Lawyer, Lauren was a Divorce Litigator. Her experience in the New York Court System is extensive and includes cases covering the full range of Divorce and Family Law issues. In addition, Lauren has completed trainings in Mediation and Collaborative Law and practices in both areas. Lauren brings to you her knowledge of the law on Divorce, her experience as a litigator, mediator and collaborative lawyer, and her training in mediation and collaborative law, so that you can resolve your divorce issues in an informed, calm manner, and get on with your life.

Lauren also brings her own personal experience to the process. Lauren has gone through her own divorce and has dealt with many post-divorce parenting issues you will face in raising your children with an ex-spouse. Her personal experience in addressing the day-to-day challenges of raising children in two homes provides insightful and practical suggestions on how best to productively raise healthy, happy children.

Lauren's professional and personal experiences has led her to the conclusion that parties going through a divorce need choices in how they resolve their Divorce issues. Divorce Mediation and Collaborative Law offers such additional choices to divorcing couples who previously were limited to Traditional Divorce as an only method of resolving marital issues.

Divorce Mediation
Whether you have been married for a few months or many years, divorce can be a painful, emotionally taxing experience. Mediation is a less expensive, more productive, and less harmful alternative to Divorce litigation. As with collaborative Law, Mediation is a structured process that provides an alternative to the unnecessary expense and emotional turmoil of divorce litigation. The mediator provides a safe atmosphere and the leadership to help the parties have a series of discussions that focus on uncovering the pertinent issues and resolving them with less emotional turmoil and financial expense.

Mediation offers you the opportunity to participate in and focus on what is important to you, your family, and your future. As a divorce mediator, I will act as an impartial facilitator of a process designed to help you and your spouse resolve your marital issues in a way that both parties deem fair and just. Read More

Collaborative Law
In a conventional divorce the husband and wife both have divorce litigation lawyers. Usually the lawyers fight in court and prepare for a trial in which a judge decides all the issues related to children, support and division of property. Ironically, less than one percent of divorces actually go to trial. In more than 99% of all divorces the lawyers negotiate a settlement on or before the eve of the trial. So after paying many thousands of dollars to prepare for a trial, the couple negotiates a settlement one to five years after the process begins. Collaborative law avoids this unreasonable waste of emotional and economic resources. One premise of Collaborative law is that, if the couple will ultimately settle the case, why put them through the cost of preparing for a trial that in 99% of the divorces is not going to happen? Why not help them maintain control of the process and negotiate a settlement themselves with the help of collaborative lawyers?

Couples facing separation and divorce encounter many challenges, especially when children are involved. Parents must resolve important issues with significant thought to the after-effects on their children. Collaborative Family Law provides a positive, productive environment in which to deal with these concerns without resorting to litigation. Read More

Traditional Law / Litigation
Although Divorce Mediation and Collaborative law can accomodate the needs of most divorcing couples and families, for some, pursuing a traditional divorce is most appropriate. Such circumstances may include domestic violence and the hiding of marital assets.

Since 1988, Lauren has spent most of her career as a divorce ligator. Her experience in the New York Court System is extensive and includes cases covering the full range of Divorce and Family Law issues. Lauren Bokor has the experience needed to resolve your case efficiently and to make sure your needs are effectively advocated.

Call Lauren at 212-876-9476 for a free phone consultation to discuss which alternative is best for you and your family.

“Peace is not the absence of conflict but the presence of creative alternatives for responding to conflict – alternatives to passive or aggressive responses...”

Dorothy Thompson,
the 'First Lady of American Journalism

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