Lauren Bokor, Esq.

Lauren Bokor, Esq. is an experienced Divorce Attorney who offers Divorce Mediation and Collaborative Law Services to those seeking to avoid the stress & expenses of traditional, adversarial divorce.

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The ending of a marriage is an emotional, sometimes overwhelming experience. Most people who have been through a traditional adversarial divorce will tell you that the experience was emotionally stressful and prohibitively expensive. Having gone through Divorce Litigation herself, Lauren knows that Mediation and Collaborative Law presents a better alternative for Divorcing couples who want a structured process that avoids the unnecessary expense and emotional turmoil of divorce litigation.

Mediation is generally the least costly, non-adversarial, method of obtaining a divorce with the assistance of one neutral mediator. Mediators provide the parties with a safe atmosphere, professional leadership, and issue specific guidance focused on uncovering the divorce issues, and resolving them with less emotional turmoil and financial expense than litigation. Click to read more>

In Collaborative Law, your interests are being represented and advocated by your attorney without the threat of costly and lengthy litigation. Collaborative Law offers the potential for creative problem solving that arises when parties work with two lawyers – together – to solve the same list of problems. Click to read more

Lauren’s philosophy on divorce is that couples have choices to explore, and her role is to guide the divorcing couple through a process that works fairly for each party and considers the needs of the entire family, especially when children are involved.

Call Lauren at 212-876-9476 for a free phone consultation to discuss which alternative is best for you and your family.

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