Mediation for Low-Asset Divorces

Divorce Mediation and Collaborative Law have become much more common as a result of the soaring fees associated with traditional Divorce Litigation. Mediation and Collaborative Law  keep costs affordable and under control, as there are no lawyers attempting to drag out the litigation process to increase their fees.

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Many divorcing couples with children are concerned about making ends meet after a divorce or separation, given that they will be paying the expenses of two residences afterwards.  Mediation and collaborative law offer couples already under financial duress the means to divorce in an efficient and cost-sensitive process.

During Lauren’s extensive career she assisted many low income/asset clients, from union workers to older couples on fixed incomes, through their divorces. She will provide you with the foundation to analyze your current and future expenses, your assets and debts, what documents and information you may require, and what you can expect going forward, so that you and your spouse can choose what best meets the needs of you and your children.

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